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InterimsNorth started as an online LinkedIn group. We chose to make it a closed group, meaning access is restricted to validated members and content is not visible to the wider world. This we felt would enable honest debate and discussion.

We then took the idea to a series of real-life meetings and now to develop a web presence - the InterimsNorth website.

InterimsNorth is free to join – the only charges we make are to attend meetings ; these charges are kept as low as possible and are intended to cover the costs of providing those meetings, the website and other support materials.

The website is of course open to all but there is also a Members Only area with specific benefits (see below). To be accepted as a Member of InterimsNorth you MUST:

Please do not apply if you do not meet these criteria - we consistently and rigidly enforce the requirements.

Members have the following current benefits:


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Become a member of InterimsNorth and enjoy the full benefits of membership, including invitations to regular meetings, marketing materials and access to expert help.

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