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Welcome to InterimsNorth

InterimsNorth was formed in 2011 as a LinkedIn online group (InterimsNorth), Tracy Shuff (with over 17 years experience within the interim provider space) and Charles Stuart (a professional interim manager for 10 years), who shared a passion to create a focused networking group for interims living and working in the North.

The central objectives of InterimsNorth are to:

To achieve these objectives we have already:


We are currently planning our events for 2017, so do come back and check the Events page for latest information.



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Events at Interims North

March 2017 Meeting

LinkedIn is an essential business networking tool for Interims these days. As ever there are frequent updates and changes to LinkedIn and we felt it useful to offere a "resfresher" as our next  meeting.

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Meeting date: 27/03/2017
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Featured Interim

Rob  Munro



Rob is a Senior Innovation Leader with a track record in delivering excellent product and process innovation through creativity, focus and determination.

Recognised for taking fresh ideas and driving strategic direction, building the best teams and collaborative networks, to deliver company growth and generate competitive edge.

Twenty-three years of international experience within high-value chemicals and materials manufacturing. Delivering best solutions to help leading firms build capable engines of innovation whilst taking the best commercial decisions in demanding situations.


Rob is available for interim assignments within businesses focused on high-value manufacturing seeking to grow through innovation and in boosting capability to innovate.


- Building the clients capability to innovate.

- Making sure the strategy is right and executing the delivery.

- Making sure collaborations work - expert in "Open Innovation".

- Conducting reviews of how well the innovation activities deliver (innovation health check)

- Trusted third-party to the board (NExD).

- Designing and running complex work programmes and innovation projects.