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January 2017 Meeting

We had 2 great speakers who  focused on key fundamentals for all interims – getting work and early engagement at the client.

Colin Ward shared his thoughts and experience and talked about a very important requirement for every Interim Manager – our elevator pitch. His presentation titled “What is an interim?” and will gave us guidelines to create an effective short presentation speech of what we do, an attention grabber that is often the first step in the direction of a new contract or assignment. We learned about all three key areas of the pitch and how to prepare the facts that support them.

Roy Newey talked about building trust quickly once we start an assignment and how to make sure the client is happy and will call us again. We have all experienced two-way trust issues in an organisation we've parachuted into, especially in the first few weeks. Roy’s presentation shared the view from the client’s perspective and how to quickly build and gain trust your new environment.

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Northern Interim Meeting


Onthe7th, Media City, Salford, Manchester

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£17.50 + VAT


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Finger Buffet