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May 2016 Meeting

Hello everyone, when InterimsNorth was formed it was 1st and foremost to “Create a connected, real world, interim community in the North" with regular meetings and encourage members to attend face to face meetings to improve the quality of group networking.  

As is the case in the real Interim world there are times when work gets in the way of other things and recently the 3 Interims (Alexander Dolenc, John Spencer & Simon Marks) who run the group along with group founder Charles Stuart, have all been on assignment and unable to arrange a meeting for too many months.

So tonight as we haven’t had the opportunity to do much networking recently we are organising a moderated discussion, following our traditional snacks and drinks, on Brexit and the recent legislative & tax changes as they affect our world. Let's get some good discussion going.

The Brexit discussion will start with prepared short, and I mean short, contributions (including from members who have published pieces on Linked In Pulse recently) to break the ice and provide some discussion points.  At the end the will ask by show of hands if anyone has been in the slightest bit influenced by the discussion! (For background reading you might want to look HERE )

Working on the assumption that this takes less than an hour the second part of the evening will cover recent legislative & tax changes as they affect us all, wrapping up with by our customary networking until about 9.00.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to prepare a short contribution to start either of the discussions, preferably by LI message to Simon.

Please book by clicking the BOOK ONLINE link on the right - remember you do not have to be a member of IN to attend, so please feel free to share with friends, colleagues and other interested parties.

Click ONTHE7TH for details of location and parking

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks



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Northern Interim Meeting


Onthe7th, Media City, Salford, M50 2ST

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£17.50 + VAT


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