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What is Interim Management?

It has long been accepted that speed rather than size is the key factor in business success. Agility and responsiveness are key to business success and survival.

Interims are experts in their field and can give key change projects immediate impetus. They increase the strength and depth of the senior management team to support change, provide expert project direction and momentum, rather than the business trying to manipulate the skills of existing employees to fit project needs. In addition, interims are usually available within days as opposed to weeks or months and carry none of the long commitment required in hiring a permanent employee.

Unlike consultants, who tend to offer expert advice interims consult, plan, advise, implement and embed the lessons before concluding their assignments. They operate outside any company politics, which might impede project success and offer no threat to incumbents. They offer a fresh and unbiased view, constantly assessing the business benefit rather than personal gain.


Typically interims will be brought in for key programmes and projects including:-

They cover a wide range of senior executive disciplines including:-


The interim community in the North is growing; you can find interims in the following ways:


An interim does not attract any of the long-term costs and commitment associated with permanent employees, such as NI, holiday & sickness pay or other benefits. Expect to pay an agreed daily rate to a limited company, which includes all necessary insurances.

Typical rates are around £600-£900/day, but can start as low as £400 and rise  to over £2,000.

The increased speed at which an interim led project runs means that the ROI is typically substantially greater than in-house projects where lack of experience, internal politics and pressure of BAU all tend to hamper progress.


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Featured Interims

Bob  Snowdon



A career Interim Manager specialising in General and Change management within the Sales and Marketing arena



Adding value by:
• Re-aligning under-performing businesses / business areas, removing silos and building sustainable organisational structures

• Developing strategic plans and building the platform for their delivery

• Building effective business process based upon best-practice and meeting strategic and tactical objectives

• Enhancing customer relationships and developing those members of staff that need to excel in this area





John  Spencer


An accomplished and resourceful Interim Manager with over fifteen years hands on experience primarily focused within finance, commercial and operational change management, BAU or sudden change scenarios.


Reporting at Senior, Board or Investor level for Blue-Chip, PE, VC and SME based in the UK, IOM and EMEA

Initially completing five years training with a top 50 Chartered Accountancy Practice.