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Welcome to InterimsNorth

InterimsNorth was formed in 2011 as a LinkedIn online group (InterimsNorth), Tracy Shuff (with over 17 years experience within the interim provider space) and Charles Stuart (a professional interim manager for 10 years), who shared a passion to create a focused networking group for interims living and working in the North.

The central objectives of InterimsNorth are to:

To achieve these objectives we have already:


During 2015 we held 4 networking meetings but our planned schedule for 2016 has been challenged by all 4 core team members being away on assignment much of the year so far.  We are now addressing that situation and expect to announce a programme for the remainder of the year quite soon - Watch this Space!



v4.0  02.04.16



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Paul  Ross


 I am an interim end-to-end supply chain professional.

  I specialise in assisting manufacturing and production companies / organisations, in FMCG, parts manufacture, Oil, Aerospace, Food & Drinks and energy industries.

   I assist with business transformation, strategy development and implementation, simplification and re-engineering, new business start-up and continuous / operational improvement of all aspects of the supply chain.

   Companies I have worked with include Shell, Roll Royce, Kimberly Clark, Drax Power, Scottish & Newcastle and Kronenbourg Vietnam.